Joanna Bond is a Welsh multidisciplinary artist and one of the directors of a permaculture housing community In Carmarthenshire. 

Starting in ceramics in 1997 working in art jobs in Ireland and Cardiff she became a self-employed artist in 2008 making and selling ceramics, also and running hundreds of ceramic workshops.

 Since 2015 her work has taken to incorporate different disciplines and technologies to realise her ideas and dreams such as voice, dance and performance art.

 Her award-winning ceramics pieces are in homes all over the world, her creative performance projects have won awards from the Arts Council Wales and Aberystwyth University such as‘Singing The line Into Existence’ a multidisciplinary collaborative performance including performance art, film, music and storytelling, responding to a railway line Campaign to bring back a railway line from ABERYSTWYTH TO Carmarthen.

Since the birth of her second daughter 2017, she has focused on making work that is about motherhood exploring ideas and making art related to the “Maternal”  she has also set up a group called Mama Creatives for mothers to meet share ideas and experiences and make art in Carmarthen and virtually.

After a few difficult years mentally and physically Joanna has felt a deep need to nurtures her spirituality and create art from this place of self-healing and self-expression.

Joanna now feels she makes art from the heart and is in a place where she is living ethically and spiritually to share and hopefully inspire others to focus on spirituality more than the material in her current virtual Creative Embodiment retreats For spiritual and creative exercises and courses Mama Creatives – for mothers who what to bring more connection and art into their life. and physical at cooperatively-run Permaculture community farm where there is access to a studio and woodlands.

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