Capoeira Saturday 1st Nov!



Dosbarth Capoeira

A Bilingual capoeira class at the small world theatre -Byd bychan



1st- 8th- 10th Tachwedd/ November

10 am -11am

 For 3 classes £12.50 (10 cons)

Capoeira Ymladd O Brasil/ Capoeira is a brazilian martial art

to book call 01239 615131



Nature into clay workshop – porcelain paperclay and micro sculptures

    Star seed

Sunday in late September and all was right with the world. I woke up to hear the first bird songs of the day (as I always sleep with the window open these days) and beautiful Autumn light streaming through my window.

When I arrived at Denmark Farm and read the welcome sign Denmark Farm Conservation Center connecting people with nature, I knew I was in the right place. My whole being buzzed wondering who would be attending the course.

As the participants started to arrive, a member of staff, Mara Morris, made everyone tea and coffees. Mara really wanted to join in, too, as she has a ceramics degree from Cardiff, but unfortunately she couldn’t, as she had to go to her sons football match. Mara did, however, kindly welcome everyone and told them a bit about Denmark Farm before introducing me to the group.

workshop people working

The group consisted of five lovely women all of whom brought with them enthusiasm, their own knowledge of the natural world and bounty of autumn delights that inspired them.They brought poppy seed heads, star anise, acorns and one orchid to supplement reference books about grass and rushes that I brought in.

I began the workshop by explaining about paperclay: what it is and it’s characteristics (such as strength, lightness and its ability to be joined wet-to-dry). I then talked about where, as an environmental artist, I find my inspiration for micro sculpture. The root of the idea came from my first solo exhibition when I discovered flowers in the hedgerows cut before their time, before the flowers set seed so they could bloom for the following year.

I then went on to demonstrate modelling a seed head inspired sculpture. Then I went on to explain and demonstrate how I made a lino cut and a print. I love using this technique as it adds texture and pattern to the sculpture.

I then demonstrated how to join wet paperclay to dry paperclay, explaining that this characteristic was the most exciting part of paperclay for me, as when working with normal clay, you have to make sure the two pieces are leather hard. And this was all before we paused for lunch!

star anise

Then I left them to create there own, the best comment was.. “what a lovely thing to do, just play with paper clay!”

After we had our lunch, I invited everyone to walk around the wild flower garden at Denmark Farm . I think everyone got a lot out of it, and returned with more ideas to create beautiful seed head inspired sculptures I was in heaven,the different varieties of flowers and seed heads were beautiful and still attracting busing insects.

For the rest of the day I was on hand to help with questions for the rest of the day, adding a few other techniques and  having a enjoyable time.

porclain poppy seed

I was very impressed by the level of enthusiasm, concentration and self expression: A perfect workshop in a perfect location.

All five will be returning to paint and glaze their work and also learn how to make their own paper clay. I will take the work back to my studio to fire, then return the fired work to them the following week.

I will be posting photos of their finished work in a few weeks.

If anyone is interested in booking a workshop at my studio next year please contact me.  I can take bookings up to 8 people at £45 plus 5 materials.

Thank you for reading!

Jug hanging out with new friends

Over the summer a customer and fellow market trader bought one of my jugs as present for his father’s 70th birthday –  a collector of ceramics!!! I felt over the moon that my jug had been  well received and was in a new home surrounded by collectable ceramics.  I asked if I could have a photo, I was kindly sent four.

Here’s some pics of my jug, the contemporary looking one with blue stripes and orange inside. Hanging out with a few of it’s new famous friends, some of them were influential in why I choose ceramics in the first place, ceramicists like Joanna Constantinidis and David Leach are a few of my favorites.

If anyone else wants to send me photos of a piece you have bought off me in your home, I would love to see it.

Pic1 – next to pots by Marianne de Trey and Joanna Constantinidis – shelf above various including David Leach.




Pic2 – snuggling up to small bowl by Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie, large bowl by Michael Cardew and jug from Wenford Bridge Pottery (probably Seth Cardew).


Pic 3 & pic 4 – meetings with more jugs… I was not told who’s who! But you do, can you post me.

morejugsAmore jugs

Cardigan Quays Festival

On Saturday (23/08/14) I will be exhibiting at the Cardigan Quays Festival demonstrating how I make micro-seed sculptures and selling some of my artwork. Here’s a link to more information about the festival – more info