A Meditation on Connection and Mobility

The 25th -27th will be a weekend walking, interaction, tiny protests and performances with audiences.
You can make a day of, or pop along and get involved in at any point of the weekend.
Times and locations will be provided below and we’ll be encouraging people to join us for the duration of the weekend.
Times and locations are provided below and we’ll be encouraging people to join us for the duration of the weekend.
25th March depart form Carmarthen train station 11:09 to Swansea station. Arrive in Swansea 11:6
12-2pm. This is the final day of festival THE END IS BY YUR join me as I walk around Swansea centre installing ‘tiny protests’ in places that take my fancy ”drift thinking”
2pm go to a vegan cafe for lunch. This is an opportunity to ask me any questions about the performance. I will continue to walk and join the other performances
3pm- John
On the beach performance in costume.
100 Ways to Say Goodbye – Howl Juan
We’ll walk up the beach a bit to join Howl. His piece is durational, we will visit him while he is in performance. Once our audience have interacted with him we will head our way back to the Elysium.
5:30pm on wards
Movement performance in gallery exhibition space.
Performance lecture in gallery exhibition space
Functionally Dysfunctional
Séance in the gallery’s studio area, it’s darker and more atmospheric, and means that your set can be a surprise reveal.
26th March depart from Swansea at 10:49 arrive in Cardiff 12:38
Walk around Cardiff town centre walking through Bute Park installing tiny protest. lunch at Chapter       2 pm this again is an opportunity to talk to me about my performance.  bus journey to the assembly. 
Depart Cardiff station 16:26 arrive at Crosskeys 16:59 bus to Cwmcarn and walk to Abercarn to my parents house.
27th depart form Newbridge 8:56am arrive in Cardiff 9:39am
Depart from Cardiff 10:42 arrive in Carmarthen 12:26
 Exhibition of installation titled tiny protest at Tregaron Station, Altered by artist and three colleges   at the Elysuim gallery.

What is to be human?

Took me a bit longer to get home from the morning school yesterday !

Red ribbon


With only a ten days until the performance of Inseparability of human and nature the work is starting to take shape.

On a beautiful autumn morning  I stopped on the windy country roads  (never done that before)  and played, photographed and filmed a red ribbon; that has been my dance partner over last few weeks, out of the studio and into nature.

This ribbon has come to symbolise what it is to be human to me. To me it represents this invisible energy connection that we have with nature and with each other. The red ribbon is a prop, to make visible the feelings that we pick up in are bodies, when in nature or consuming herbs, It is the connections we have with each other – transmiting information through electrical and chemical signals.

I know I may sound a bit of a hippy but nature was definitely smiling at me when I adorned her with the red ribbon.

Red ribbon

Red ribbon


Cardigan Quays Festival

On Saturday (23/08/14) I will be exhibiting at the Cardigan Quays Festival demonstrating how I make micro-seed sculptures and selling some of my artwork. Here’s a link to more information about the festival – more info