Ceredigion Museum project “Stories on Tiles


Back in January 2017 I was part of an exciting project called the New Approaches project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and other supporters. The project was to turn a building on Terrace Road,into a new entrance for Ceredigion Museum and the Tourist Information Centre along with a new shop and cafe. The building was formerly a pop up co-operative gallery called Cardigian Bay Gallery, a project of Ceredigion Art Trail where I made ceramics, ran workshops, volunteered and sold my work.

My role in the project was to to facilitate a community ceramic workshop “called Stories on Tiles” overseen by the “Reflecting Memories design team” Jenny Hall & Camilla Norberg, curator Carrie Canham, and architect Dafydd Tomos, to create artwork inspired by the Coliseum’s heyday from when it opened as a cinema in the 1930s through until its lease ran out in 1977 and it finally closed. The artwork will then be displayed in the new cafe area. I was also commissioned to make tiles that could be sold in the shop.

Tiles made by Joanna Bond. Part of the stories on tiles project

To deepen my knowlege of the history of the Coliseum I was invited to attend a one day workshop facilitated by Lisa Heledd Jones of Storyworks . Lisa compiled a set of resources including: oral histories recently recorded by the museum’s “Gathering Memories” team Anna and Amanda, photographs from the museum archive and audio and video footage of the soundtracks and films mentioned in the oral histories. She invited the workshop attendees to make notes and join in with group discussions. It was a very valuable workshop to deepen everyone’s knowledge of the stories of the Coliseum that would inspire the creation of artworks, signs and finishes in the fit-out of the proposed entrance, shop, café and reception. Lisa helped us explore this period of time to draw out the key moments, locations, words, phrases, characters and imagery. We hope that the finished interior will give a sense of connection to the historic Coliseum and museum.

Over two days I facilitated a community workshop “ Stories on Tiles” where members of the public were invited to create 4 tiles inspired by the Coliseum, using collage and transfers. I first begun using this technique over six years ago, when I created transfers of my own drawings inspired by nature like birds bugs and flowers, and then fixed these onto cups, tiles and vases as part of ‘Pretty Common Things’ solo exhibition at The Studio Gallery, curated by Ruth Hogg. This exciting technique allows me to make reproductions of both photographic and hand drawn imagery onto my ceramics, as well as introduce colour, pattern and texture.

During the stories on tiles workshop it was really exciting to work with imagery of characterful people that were involved in the Colisium, from the owners, to the performers to the vistors,to the film stars who were on screen when it was a cinema. We also used imagery of the building interior and text. Each tile was unique incorporating black and white imagery with blocks of colour including Light green, Turquoise blue,Signal Green,Light green and Sulfur Yellow.

I cant wait for the grand opening, and to see of all the creative work that has gone into this refurbishment.

The next “ Stories on Tiles” community workshop I will be facilitating will be for Penparcau Community Forum Ltd where we will create artwork to wall their new community building.

I welcome commissions from organisation to run workshops and or private to make bespoke tiles and other ware. I will also be creating a new range inspired by stories that inspire me.  

Pottery classes for children and adults


I am happy to announce I will be running small intimate  pottery clubs and workshops for all ages and abilities.  I am an experienced tutor and ceramicist, with a lovely  fully equipped and warm pottery studio in Gilfachreda near New Quay. Can happily sit 7 people.

P lease scroll down fora list of workshops available.

Yr wyf yn hapus i gyhoeddi y byddaf yn rhedeg clybiau a gweithdai crochenwaith personol bach ar gyfer pob oedran a gallu. Yr wyf yn diwtor a cherameg profiadol, gyda stiwdio crochenwaith yn llawn offer ac yn gynnes hyfryd yn Gilfachreda ger Cei Newydd. A all hapus yn eistedd 7 o bobl.
Os gwelwch yn dda sgroliwch i lawr y rhestr fforymau o weithdai sydd ar gael.


african masks

Art and pottery clubs

Half term club
£36 er session
£18 for morning /afternoon
bring a packed lunch
snacks and drinks provided

After school club
Wednesday, Friday
4:00 5:30 snacks and drinks available
£8 per session

Children will work on developing self expression and learning new skills in drawing and designing for pottery.
To book and find out more
01545 581157
Also unique pottery on sale at the studio and website

Clybiau celf a chrochenwaith
Yn y stiwdio grochenwaith yng Ngilfachreda ger Cei Newydd
Clwb Hanner Tymor
£36 y sesiwn
£18 ar gyfer y bore / prynhawn
dewch â phecyn bwyd
darperir byrbrydau a diodydd

Clwb ar ôl ysgol
Dydd Mercher , Dydd Gwener
4:00 5:30 byrbrydau a diodydd ar gael
£8 y sesiwn
Bydd y plant yn gweithio ar ddatblygu hunan- fynegiant a dysgu sgiliau newydd mewn arlunio a dylunio ar gyfer crochenwaith.
I archebu a chael gwybod mwy
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Nature into clay workshop – porcelain paperclay and micro sculptures

    Star seed

Sunday in late September and all was right with the world. I woke up to hear the first bird songs of the day (as I always sleep with the window open these days) and beautiful Autumn light streaming through my window.

When I arrived at Denmark Farm and read the welcome sign Denmark Farm Conservation Center connecting people with nature, I knew I was in the right place. My whole being buzzed wondering who would be attending the course.

As the participants started to arrive, a member of staff, Mara Morris, made everyone tea and coffees. Mara really wanted to join in, too, as she has a ceramics degree from Cardiff, but unfortunately she couldn’t, as she had to go to her sons football match. Mara did, however, kindly welcome everyone and told them a bit about Denmark Farm before introducing me to the group.

workshop people working

The group consisted of five lovely women all of whom brought with them enthusiasm, their own knowledge of the natural world and bounty of autumn delights that inspired them.They brought poppy seed heads, star anise, acorns and one orchid to supplement reference books about grass and rushes that I brought in.

I began the workshop by explaining about paperclay: what it is and it’s characteristics (such as strength, lightness and its ability to be joined wet-to-dry). I then talked about where, as an environmental artist, I find my inspiration for micro sculpture. The root of the idea came from my first solo exhibition when I discovered flowers in the hedgerows cut before their time, before the flowers set seed so they could bloom for the following year.

I then went on to demonstrate modelling a seed head inspired sculpture. Then I went on to explain and demonstrate how I made a lino cut and a print. I love using this technique as it adds texture and pattern to the sculpture.

I then demonstrated how to join wet paperclay to dry paperclay, explaining that this characteristic was the most exciting part of paperclay for me, as when working with normal clay, you have to make sure the two pieces are leather hard. And this was all before we paused for lunch!

star anise

Then I left them to create there own, the best comment was.. “what a lovely thing to do, just play with paper clay!”

After we had our lunch, I invited everyone to walk around the wild flower garden at Denmark Farm . I think everyone got a lot out of it, and returned with more ideas to create beautiful seed head inspired sculptures I was in heaven,the different varieties of flowers and seed heads were beautiful and still attracting busing insects.

For the rest of the day I was on hand to help with questions for the rest of the day, adding a few other techniques and  having a enjoyable time.

porclain poppy seed

I was very impressed by the level of enthusiasm, concentration and self expression: A perfect workshop in a perfect location.

All five will be returning to paint and glaze their work and also learn how to make their own paper clay. I will take the work back to my studio to fire, then return the fired work to them the following week.

I will be posting photos of their finished work in a few weeks.

If anyone is interested in booking a workshop at my studio next year please contact me.  I can take bookings up to 8 people at £45 plus 5 materials.

Thank you for reading!