I am a multidisciplinary artist who is interested in social ingaged projects. Starting in ceramics, my work has taken to incorporate different disciplines and technologies to realise my ideas such as voice, dance and performance art.

Associate artist at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, founding member of a new co-operative gallery and studio space called Celf/Art house Aberystwyth, self employed ceramic maker and tutor since 2008.


HND in Ceramics and Glass 1995 -1997, Plymouth College of Art and Design

BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design, Cross Keys College 1993 -1995


Inseparability of Human and nature Aberystwyth Arts Centre round studio October 2016 written and directed by Joanna Bond 2016.

It considered the ‘consciousness’ of plants and how it is related to the human body. Aiming to break down some of the polarities between the human body and nature by utilizing digital technologies, sound, film, photography, performance art and drawings, songs.

Becoming Wall site specific performance art piece, installation and video piece June 2016

The exhibition Basic Human Needs, curated and organised by Vegetable Agenda in West Wales.
‘Becoming Wall’ was in three parts: performative, installation and video and echoed the process of extracting clay from the land and using it as a plaster for the walls of a half-built straw bale
house, with strong connections to both my work as a ceramacist and as a performance artist
For the duration of the exhibition a video filmed and edited by Sam Cristie of the clay pit performance played next to the wall,gloves, stepladder and mud floor.

Livingness of Clay,Aberystwyth Arts Centre, residency Creative Studio Aberystwyth Arts Centre, May 2016

performance art piece and promenade – an exploration the livingness of clay, covering myself with clay slip that I had dug up from Carmarthan, I wanted to explore how I can dissolve the separation between man made and nature, while exploring my own awareness of the livingness in everything around me, treating everything as alive and responding to it. music by Stuart Hampton, part of the residency at the Creative Studio

Entanglement of Earth,residency Creative Studio Aberystwyth Arts Centre 2016

Performance and voice with original live music by Stuart Hampton and Ailsa Mair Hughes.

Singing the Line into Existence, Ceredigion museum – October 2015

Directed, produced and performed in this project, where I brought together experienced artists to explore for 3 months how a creative, socially engaged process of making performance might raise awareness and have implications for the reinstatement of the railway line from Aberystwyth to Carmarthen. Involving performance art, storytelling, voice, film, sound art, music and drawings.

Walk the Line collaborative project part of the SIP residency Aberystwyth University – February 2015

The project aim was to use the journey to examine and explore connections between places and people specifically the connections that exist now in the present. The act of walking this line is concerned with moving into the body, embracing the present whilst acknowledging the past. We attempted to explore and illuminate the ‘use’ rather than‘ disuse’that now characterizes the line.

Living Work,Seld design shop, Aberaeron, 2014

performance and happening,inspired by local hedgerows being cut at the wrong time of year. sat making porcelain seed heads dressed like a bride in a shop window called

The Art of Seduction,Studio Gallery, 2014 improvised dance and music, Ruth Hogg

Creature comforts,Chapter Arts Centre, 2008 supporting movement artist for a Performance dance by Anushiye Yarnell,

solo and Group exhibitions

Residency at the Creative Studio Aberystwyth Arts Centre – ceramics, film, filmed and edited by Joanna music by Stuart Hampton and


Ceredigion Arts Trail taster exhibition, Da Mhile Distillery,

Ceredigion, 2014

Group Exhibition, Aberaeron Tourist Information, 2013 &2014

Ceredigion Art Trail 2012, Pentre Art Gallery, Cardigan

Pretty Common Things, Studio gallery Aberystwyth January 2011 – a solo show response to the hedgerows being cut before the wildflowers had chance to set seed. Ceramics, a original song, surrealist game happening, art installations, drawings and a petition to the council.


Creative Studio Award Residency, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, April 2016 – Dec 2017

Nine months’ studio space to developing my practice based research

including performance art, sonic art and cymatics, film making, original songs,creating two exhibitions and a multidisciplinary performance.

Arts Council Wales / Production Grant, Singing the Line into Existence,

August 2015 – October 2015 – a creative collaborative response to reinstating the railway line between Carmarthen and Aberystwyth involving performance art, voice, film, sound art, music, drawings.

Reverse SIP (Strategic Insight Programme) 2015a six week residency at Aberystwyth University working with Dr Louise Ritchie Lecturer in Theatre and Performance: collaborative project titled ‘Walk the Line’. During our research we have developed practice based approaches centered on field trips and interviews where we have gathered research on the move.