Aberystwyth studio residency April -June 2016

Gif by Naomi Heath -“Livingness of clay”

In April I started my residency in the creative studio in Aberystwyth Arts centre. This wonderful, light studio has been a great space for developing my performance art and music, I am finding everyone there really supportive and inspiring of my creative visions.

I currently seeking funding to develop a project titled“Inseparability of human and nature” I decided to hold an exhibition co- curated by Ruth Hogg showcasing my performance art and  work of artists that I’ll be collaborating with on my new project that looks at the ‘consciousness’ of plants. I am taking a journey with like-minded creatives to find ways to map this in creative encounters, to break down the polarities between technology and nature, utilizing digital technologies in particular to ‘translate’ and describe these encounters; using performance, sonic art, live original music ,stories, music, visual art and film.

The website for Inseparability of Human and Nature here and you can find out more and see a documentary footage of the my performance titled Entanglement of Earth – performance art and voice with original live music by Stuart Hampton, and Ailsa Mair Hughes here  (the footage is a very lo- fi,  and Performance is very hard to document anyway basically this film doesn’t give it justice you just “had to be there”.)

“Livingness of clay” performance and promenade May 2016 studio one Aberystwyth Arts Centre

clay and tree

photo by Emma Marr

This piece of work was an exploration the livingness of clay, using clay slip, (that was dug up by hand  from  site in Carmarthen two years ago)  using movement and music by Stuart Hampton. Exploring how I can dissolve the separation between man-made and wild nature, while exploring my own awareness of the livingness in everything around me, treating everything as alive and responding to it.

The performance started in the studio where I covered my whole body from head to toe in clay slip then barefooted lead a small group of selected artists on a “promenade” first to the university community garden where I planted the herb chives, then continued into the centre of town, stopping for a quick look around Tesco before rolling into the sea to be cleaned and the clay returned to the earth.

This piece was poignant for me as a ceramicist for 20 years I have started using clay in a totally different way as I transition from predominately ceramist to creating work that is more performance based.

“I felt vibrant, liberated and connected to the earth, lt also felt like a sort of protest to waken people to the need to protect our planet by awaken our wilder side and connect with nature by stepping outside what is normal in the everyday life .

It was really important for me to get some critical feed back from the audience. Here are  few comments I received…..

“I felt her. Silently speaking to everything”. – Ruth Hogg

 “Perhaps our role is to allow others to explore and interact with the world creatively, by doing it the world becomes a place of infinite possibilities not confined by ideas of conformity.” – Naomi Heath listens to Millie Jackdaw.