Stories on tiles

Stories on tiles is a way of displaying photos, archive or modern onto clay tiles, this is an effective way to to create imagery by using transfers on tiles that tell a story from a moment in time.

I offer creative workshops where the clients are given the opportunity to create bespoke pictorial ceramic tiles that can reflect people, history or celebrate a special event. Basically your tiles can depict images or writing of anything! These tiles are usually bought in, but can be made to measure by myself, they can be any size or shape or colour. The finished tiles can be either mounted on a wall, hung individually as pictures or used as coasters by adding a cork back. I can offer a community workshop or private commission to business, schools, community centers, gardens, hospitals etc.

The process

A design consultation will be arranged to discuss ideas colours, size, where the tiles will be situated etc.We arrange a suitable day to hold a workshop. You send me a jpeg of the images by email or post a cd, at least three weeks before the workshop is scheduled to begin.

Graphic design

The photos need to be altered in size to fit the tile, sharpening, and colour using photoshop. I then send them to a company to be made into transfers to bring to the workshop.

The workshop

All tools needed will be supplied. A demonstration on how to create a image on a tile is shown. It takes a few hours to make 1 -4 tiles. Using water transfers the images are temporally fixed to the tile. Tiles are then left to dry for 24 hours then fired to become permanently fixed and brought back to you.

Workshops can be tailored to suit your individual needs and I can travel through Wales and England.


Each tile will represent the maker, everyone is unique, therefor every tile will be, however I will work closely with you to collectively create the desired unified look, making sure tiles will work well together as colours and theme will be unified.

The job of the facilitator of the workshop

This workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities, process offers participants the unique and therapeutic opportunity to create their own mini art piece”stories on tiles’ from photo’s.

Using collaging technique we use sizors and craft knifes on craft boards.

It is my role as a facilitator to create a friendly relaxed atmosphere where every one is guided and helped to create their tile or tiles while offering the opportunity for the participants to be expressive and creative.

However if you would like to commission me to make the whole piece instead of a workshop, I am very happy to do so.

previous commissions

January 2017 I was part of an exciting project called the New Approaches project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and other supporters. The project was to turn a building on Terrace Road,into a new entrance for Ceredigion Museum and the Tourist Information Centre along with a new shop and cafe.

community ceramic workshop “called Stories on Tiles” overseen by the “Reflecting Memories design team” Jenny Hall & Camilla Norberg, curator Carrie Canham, and architect Dafydd Tomos, to create artwork inspired by the Coliseum’s heyday from when it opened as a cinema in the 1930s through until its lease ran out in 1977 and it finally closed.

The Hub, Penparcau 2018

September 2018, I was part of an exciting project to create a wall for the interior of the hub cafe area in Penparcau near Aberystwyth.

The community and the national archive collected images of historial buildings, people and events from Penparcau such as photos from the excavation of ‘Pen Dinas’ an iron age hill fort.


200 per day plus extra for materials,firing and graphic design.