A Meditation on Connection And Mobility

train dreamingJoanna Bond is currently seeking funding and more venues to tour a multi-disciplinary solo project which will create performance walk and train journey, site specific performances, song, music, films, audio art and visual art. Following the performance walk there will be a period of development which will create a live solo performance to be toured to venues along the line from Aberystwyth, Cardigan, Swansea, Cardiff and Newbridge Gwent.


The project is part of Joanna Bond’s ongoing practice exploring how a creative, socially engaged process of making performance might raise awareness and have implications for wider issues in society. This work is rooted in the previous project Singing the Line into Existence whilst exploring the far deeper and more personal disconnection of Joanna Bond from the town of her birth, Abercarn. A mediation on Connection will be supported by choreography, dramaturgical and direction input from Deborah Light and Lara Ward.

Stage One
In Spring 2017 Joanna Bond will create a solo walking performance to some of the abandoned rail way stations from Aberystwyth to Carmarthen and then a train journey to Swansea. As part of this stage Joanna will present a performance piece as part of The End is Yur. Then her journey will continue by train to catching the train to Cardiff where she will perform a site specific walk to the Welsh Assembly, then on from Cardiff to Risca on a reinstated valleys railway line, and then finally the 3 miles to the town of Abercarn where she grew up.
The solo walking performances, and train performances will be filmed and recorded as audio, including connections and disconnections with people along the various stages of the journey.

The film and audio will exist as separate pieces available through digital platforms and then will also be embedded into the performance presented as in 2018 as the second stage of the project.

The performance walk sets out to examine and explore deeper connections between places and people specifically the connections that exist now in the present and championing how art, specifically performance can play a role in this current political discourse.

Stage Two
Following the solo walk and train performances and the performance at The End is Yur the various elements will seed the work to develop a new performance for touring in 2018. This will be an immersive performance art piece, incorporating dance and movement with songs, projections and text with choreographic input from Deborah Light and dramaturgy from Lara Ward. The project will use the site-specific material created from the walk and train journey including audio field recordings and films and embed them within the live performance. Joanna will continue with her work using objects such as the milk churn and the train window.