Mindfulness and Ceramics in the Ty Glyn Garden

Hi, I am really excited to be offering a new workshop experience, called mindfulness in the garden Stu Hampton and my self are holding on the 9th July, at the beautiful walled garden Ty Glyn.


We are collaborating to bring you a ceramics and sound workshop at the beautiful Ty Glyn Gardens Stu Hampton is a sound therapist incorporating a gong, singing bowls, guitar and voice who trained with the best Gong Master in the world Don Conreaux with many years of experience. This will be a unique opportunity to tap into your inner artist with a gorgeous relaxing, healing sound bath and a few exercises to help you open your creative channel to then create a beautiful piece of ceramics using porcelain paper clay Ceredigion facilitated by me, Joanna Bond. We will be holding the gong bath in the garden grounds and the ceramics in the newly build workshop/ greenhouse on the grounds of Ty Glyn near Cillau Aeron

If you would like to book please contact me on joanna.bond@gmail.com or 07966897393 we have limed space as the workshop only has room for 6 people. If you know of anyone else who may be interested please share thank you.

Joanna and Stu

Merry Christmas looking back on the year, and pottery sale

This year has been both peppered with personal challenges and wonderfully creative in music and ceramics with some exciting projects in the pipeline for the new year.

Finding my feet again with a new baby who is 16 months as I write this has changed my focus again “Motherhood/parenthood” and how a living as a self employed artist to make living is challenging to say the least but out of this came the decision to find the inspiration for my art from motherhood/parenthood and my children, I am so pleased at how the work is going and the opportunities that are presenting themselves.


bowls to be broken then fixed using the Kintsugi technique

I am working on self directed project called finding ‘Wabi Sabi in motherhood’ creating ceramics and film. I am taking a look at some of the imperfections in my life and creating black bowls that will be later broken in some way and then fixed together with glue and filled with gold, this technique is called kintsugi. This symbolic act represents how during human experience, life may deal us a number blows and cracks may appear, instead of seeing these cracks as ugly we see them as beautiful and adding to what it means to be human.

Yellow sponge – Band, performance,sculpture

Yellow Sponge

yellow Sponge

I am also collaborating with Phoebe’s father Stuart Hampton a musician, painter music publisher to create works in music, sculptures, performance art and films with honesty, truth, love,integrity and humor. We jokingly see ourselves a bit like the John and Yoko of Wales.

As we are both artists we share the childcare to enable to haves quality time with phoebe and time work and relax;its all very exciting and challenging at the same time, but we enjoy what we do and we have a strong desire to live this dream where the children see that we love our work; we have recently involved the whole family in a music for a song Stu and I wrote called “ don’t want to be domesticated” filmed in Ceredigion Museum. . You can see it and hear and also some of our music on spot here. You can also like our page on face book here and watch our song ‘ Domesticated’here the picture below is us taken in our living room when the baby was a sleep upstairs..

Pottery and Art Sale Party

Christmas sale


I would like to offer all my subscribers a 3rd off all my art work until the end of January. I have turned my caravan studio into a shop opening hours are 10am – 3pm and 4 – 7 every day to the run up to Christmas,work will be available at sale price on my website shop www.joannabond.co.uk. Please tell friends to subscribe so they too can pic up a bargain.

Saturday 22ed from 2pm onward in Felinfach near Lampeter we are having a little pottery and art sale party with live music from Ailsa you can find out more and hear a song from her new EP L- plates here also from Stu Hampton and myself, if you would like to join us email me at joanna.bond@gmail.com or call me on 07966897393 to let me know.

Stories On Tiles – Penparcau hub Aberystwyth 

stories on tiles

A really lovely community art project I facilitated where archive imagery had been collected,turned into ceramic decals ( transfers) and the community each made one – four tiles each by cutting and collaging the decal images and colours onto a tile that was later fired and made permanent. The finished tiles were mounted and grouted to a wall in cafe.
If you would like me to facilitate a workshop to create a Stories on tiles wall in your office, community centre, school or home please get in touch.

Our aims are….

Mam Triban is a new group seeking funding to meet up in Aberystwyth Arts Centr every fortnight, membership is 26 pounds for the year, this includes 2 hours free childcare for workshops, talks and an exhibition. You can find out more at www.mamtriban.com nad find us on Facebook

To focus on finding solutions to the barriers facing mothers who are also artists to help us build and combine our role as mothers with our artistic practice.
Build a network for communication and sharing online and off.
Create a local and international community.
To learn from each other, support each other.
Help reduce isolation and depression.
Empowering mothers and help build their resilience as an artist mother.
Develop new skills by learning from peers and inspirational speakers and workshops
Create a free tool kit.

Thank you for reading merry Christmas/ or solstice and a happy new year. Joanna 



motherhood residency work in progress

making and baby

As we come to the end of 2017 my heart is full of gratitude for all the beautiful moments,friends,family, new life that have blessed my life.

Since the birth of my second daughter in July 2017 I have been exploring ideas and making art related to the “Maternal” and my subjective experience of motherhood. I am part of an international project called – An Artist Residency in Motherhood. It has created focus in life by seeing parenting as inspiration for creative practice, rather than an obstruction to be overcome. Over the last six months I have created one song with farther of my child documented photos, notes, poems and ideas for performance and then something happened that was to focus my work on ceramics again, my grandmothers tea pot from my mothers side was accidentally dropped and shattered in November. I initially was very upset and so was my eight year old daughter from my reaction mainly. To comfort her and my self I have decided to create an art work about it, I am going to learn how to repair the teapot using the kintsugi technique (golden joinery) the philosophy behind kintsugi is beautiful and relevant in my life; treating breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. kintsugi belongs to the zen Buddhist ideals of wabi sabi, the satisfaction and appreciation of simplicity and a deep respect and finding beauty for what is damaged,fragile and imperfect. This wisdom has given me great comfort during the early months of being a mother of a new born again,it has helped to make peace with my transitory imperfect nature.

Over the next few months I will be working towards a project called “finding wabi Sabi in motherhood” with the view to exhibit in October 2018. I will make twelve tea cups each representing the seasons and months of my 2nd child’s first year of life, each tea cup will be slab built in white stone ware and decorated using transfer images collaged together. The images I choose will represent the wabi sabi philosophy,the simple things in life, the mundane but necessary activities that keep a child alive, including emotional and spiritual care and moments of tenderness and love that only a mother/parent would understand. The images will be in black and white, colour will come from the inlay clay, coloured glaze and transfer coloured paper. Then each cup will be broken in some way then repaired using the Kintsugi technique. The philosophy behind Kintsugi speaks to my sense of how it feels to be a mother/parent. Life has a habit of dreaming about one day securing a harmonious relationship, happy family life etc,then life has a habit of dealing us a range of blows. It is these moments of disillusionment and shattered dreams the wisdom of the kintsugi philosophy can be applicable to our own lives, as it is to ceramics. The care and love expended on shattered pieces should also encourage us to respect what is damaged, scared, vulnerable and imperfect in our self. I have found much peace since learning about wapi sapi and kintsugi. I love the way that making art can deepen your understanding and then be able to share it with an audience so you can find your own meaning and deepen your understanding, anyway I hope you found this Japanese wisdom useful. Looking forward to repairing my grandmothers tea pot what ever the new year brings.

Thank you for reading 

sending you all blessings of love and peace for 2018

Joanna x

Ceredigion Museum project “Stories on Tiles


Back in January 2017 I was part of an exciting project called the New Approaches project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and other supporters. The project was to turn a building on Terrace Road,into a new entrance for Ceredigion Museum and the Tourist Information Centre along with a new shop and cafe. The building was formerly a pop up co-operative gallery called Cardigian Bay Gallery, a project of Ceredigion Art Trail where I made ceramics, ran workshops, volunteered and sold my work.

My role in the project was to to facilitate a community ceramic workshop “called Stories on Tiles” overseen by the “Reflecting Memories design team” Jenny Hall & Camilla Norberg, curator Carrie Canham, and architect Dafydd Tomos, to create artwork inspired by the Coliseum’s heyday from when it opened as a cinema in the 1930s through until its lease ran out in 1977 and it finally closed. The artwork will then be displayed in the new cafe area. I was also commissioned to make tiles that could be sold in the shop.

Tiles made by Joanna Bond. Part of the stories on tiles project

To deepen my knowlege of the history of the Coliseum I was invited to attend a one day workshop facilitated by Lisa Heledd Jones of Storyworks . Lisa compiled a set of resources including: oral histories recently recorded by the museum’s “Gathering Memories” team Anna and Amanda, photographs from the museum archive and audio and video footage of the soundtracks and films mentioned in the oral histories. She invited the workshop attendees to make notes and join in with group discussions. It was a very valuable workshop to deepen everyone’s knowledge of the stories of the Coliseum that would inspire the creation of artworks, signs and finishes in the fit-out of the proposed entrance, shop, café and reception. Lisa helped us explore this period of time to draw out the key moments, locations, words, phrases, characters and imagery. We hope that the finished interior will give a sense of connection to the historic Coliseum and museum.

Over two days I facilitated a community workshop “ Stories on Tiles” where members of the public were invited to create 4 tiles inspired by the Coliseum, using collage and transfers. I first begun using this technique over six years ago, when I created transfers of my own drawings inspired by nature like birds bugs and flowers, and then fixed these onto cups, tiles and vases as part of ‘Pretty Common Things’ solo exhibition at The Studio Gallery, curated by Ruth Hogg. This exciting technique allows me to make reproductions of both photographic and hand drawn imagery onto my ceramics, as well as introduce colour, pattern and texture.

During the stories on tiles workshop it was really exciting to work with imagery of characterful people that were involved in the Colisium, from the owners, to the performers to the vistors,to the film stars who were on screen when it was a cinema. We also used imagery of the building interior and text. Each tile was unique incorporating black and white imagery with blocks of colour including Light green, Turquoise blue,Signal Green,Light green and Sulfur Yellow.

I cant wait for the grand opening, and to see of all the creative work that has gone into this refurbishment.

The next “ Stories on Tiles” community workshop I will be facilitating will be for Penparcau Community Forum Ltd where we will create artwork to wall their new community building.

I welcome commissions from organisation to run workshops and or private to make bespoke tiles and other ware. I will also be creating a new range inspired by stories that inspire me.  

A Meditation on Connection and Mobility

The 25th -27th will be a weekend walking, interaction, tiny protests and performances with audiences.
You can make a day of, or pop along and get involved in at any point of the weekend.
Times and locations will be provided below and we’ll be encouraging people to join us for the duration of the weekend.
Times and locations are provided below and we’ll be encouraging people to join us for the duration of the weekend.
25th March depart form Carmarthen train station 11:09 to Swansea station. Arrive in Swansea 11:6
12-2pm. This is the final day of festival THE END IS BY YUR join me as I walk around Swansea centre installing ‘tiny protests’ in places that take my fancy ”drift thinking”
2pm go to a vegan cafe for lunch. This is an opportunity to ask me any questions about the performance. I will continue to walk and join the other performances
3pm- John
On the beach performance in costume.
100 Ways to Say Goodbye – Howl Juan
We’ll walk up the beach a bit to join Howl. His piece is durational, we will visit him while he is in performance. Once our audience have interacted with him we will head our way back to the Elysium.
5:30pm on wards
Movement performance in gallery exhibition space.
Performance lecture in gallery exhibition space
Functionally Dysfunctional
Séance in the gallery’s studio area, it’s darker and more atmospheric, and means that your set can be a surprise reveal.
26th March depart from Swansea at 10:49 arrive in Cardiff 12:38
Walk around Cardiff town centre walking through Bute Park installing tiny protest. lunch at Chapter       2 pm this again is an opportunity to talk to me about my performance.  bus journey to the assembly. 
Depart Cardiff station 16:26 arrive at Crosskeys 16:59 bus to Cwmcarn and walk to Abercarn to my parents house.
27th depart form Newbridge 8:56am arrive in Cardiff 9:39am
Depart from Cardiff 10:42 arrive in Carmarthen 12:26
 Exhibition of installation titled tiny protest at Tregaron Station, Altered by artist and three colleges   at the Elysuim gallery.

What is to be human?

Took me a bit longer to get home from the morning school yesterday !

Red ribbon


With only a ten days until the performance of Inseparability of human and nature the work is starting to take shape.

On a beautiful autumn morning  I stopped on the windy country roads  (never done that before)  and played, photographed and filmed a red ribbon; that has been my dance partner over last few weeks, out of the studio and into nature.

This ribbon has come to symbolise what it is to be human to me. To me it represents this invisible energy connection that we have with nature and with each other. The red ribbon is a prop, to make visible the feelings that we pick up in are bodies, when in nature or consuming herbs, It is the connections we have with each other – transmiting information through electrical and chemical signals.

I know I may sound a bit of a hippy but nature was definitely smiling at me when I adorned her with the red ribbon.

Red ribbon

Red ribbon


Aberystwyth studio residency April -June 2016

Gif by Naomi Heath -“Livingness of clay”

In April I started my residency in the creative studio in Aberystwyth Arts centre. This wonderful, light studio has been a great space for developing my performance art and music, I am finding everyone there really supportive and inspiring of my creative visions.

I currently seeking funding to develop a project titled“Inseparability of human and nature” I decided to hold an exhibition co- curated by Ruth Hogg showcasing my performance art and  work of artists that I’ll be collaborating with on my new project that looks at the ‘consciousness’ of plants. I am taking a journey with like-minded creatives to find ways to map this in creative encounters, to break down the polarities between technology and nature, utilizing digital technologies in particular to ‘translate’ and describe these encounters; using performance, sonic art, live original music ,stories, music, visual art and film.

The website for Inseparability of Human and Nature here and you can find out more and see a documentary footage of the my performance titled Entanglement of Earth – performance art and voice with original live music by Stuart Hampton, and Ailsa Mair Hughes here  (the footage is a very lo- fi,  and Performance is very hard to document anyway basically this film doesn’t give it justice you just “had to be there”.)

“Livingness of clay” performance and promenade May 2016 studio one Aberystwyth Arts Centre

clay and tree

photo by Emma Marr

This piece of work was an exploration the livingness of clay, using clay slip, (that was dug up by hand  from  site in Carmarthen two years ago)  using movement and music by Stuart Hampton. Exploring how I can dissolve the separation between man-made and wild nature, while exploring my own awareness of the livingness in everything around me, treating everything as alive and responding to it.

The performance started in the studio where I covered my whole body from head to toe in clay slip then barefooted lead a small group of selected artists on a “promenade” first to the university community garden where I planted the herb chives, then continued into the centre of town, stopping for a quick look around Tesco before rolling into the sea to be cleaned and the clay returned to the earth.

This piece was poignant for me as a ceramicist for 20 years I have started using clay in a totally different way as I transition from predominately ceramist to creating work that is more performance based.

“I felt vibrant, liberated and connected to the earth, lt also felt like a sort of protest to waken people to the need to protect our planet by awaken our wilder side and connect with nature by stepping outside what is normal in the everyday life .

It was really important for me to get some critical feed back from the audience. Here are  few comments I received…..

“I felt her. Silently speaking to everything”. – Ruth Hogg

 “Perhaps our role is to allow others to explore and interact with the world creatively, by doing it the world becomes a place of infinite possibilities not confined by ideas of conformity.” – Naomi Heath listens to Millie Jackdaw.
train roots

Whats new

Since I fell over a month ago I have had little energy to make much pottery or do house work for that matter.  Instead I stated drawing again, proper! not just doodles and rough sketches in my note books (of which I have loads of)

I bought my self some nice pencils and a lovely A4 sketch book… and oh my, I am loving it! It was like a old friend I have not seen in 5 years. How time fly ‘s hey! I have been drawing  a series of arteries, framed  like a train window.

Since my  research for singing the line into existence lea me to the  the Beeching cuts.  Back in 2013 I watched a  British transport film from 1965 describing the cuts to the railway lines, like cuts to human arteries.

I have also been cutting trains out of books ( a train sellers worst night mare)  and making surrealist collages, homage to the queen of this medium miss Mitten. I want to make  trains look like organs with arteries connected and disconnected

I have  had these ideas tucked away in a sketch book until now, It feels good to put pencil t paper and scalpel to train book and actually do it,  I did it for me,I  did it to sing the line into existence and the campaign to reopen the Aberystwyth to Carmarthen rail way line.

They also look like roots… returning again to make art about the natural world  and connecting with my reverence with nature. Hope I find the time  to do more.

arteries, roots

arteries, roots


“The Milk Urn Performance, by Joanna Bond, at Mac scratch.”

performance with a milk urn


This post is a bit late, sorry, as I have been really busy lately with “stuff”, so consequently, it is a few weeks overdue, but I got such a lot out of the experience, that I thought it was worth some time, to reflect and share with you, this awesome evening of exploration, sharing and feedback.

On a warm(ish) Tuesday on June 9th 2015 I attended the first Mac Scratch event – an opportunity for local artists to present brand new work in progress. Together a large crowd of spectators and artists gathered together under the a canopy of trees, seated next to a wooden stage of the pavilion woodland park in Machynlleth

As a spectator I was delighted and impressed by the range and originality and quality of the works presented. One of my favourite performances was by poet Bethany Rivers and her enchanting poems. I asked Bethany if she could tell me something about what inspired the poem “My Guest House.”

Bethany says “This was inspired by Rumi’s poem: The Guest House, which is about welcoming all your emotions, no matter what they, and treating each guest honourably, even, ‘The dark thought, the shame, the malice’ because they are ‘clearing you out /for some new delight’.

So I decided to play with this, exploring some emotions that are unwelcome or uncomfortable, as all emotions, according to Rumi’s poem are ‘sent / as a guide from beyond’, so even in our most uncomfortable emotions there is wisdom to be found.  So in my poem, I’m tentatively welcoming these turbulent emotions and hoping for / asking for the wisdom they will bring.”

The piece I performed was called the “Milk Urn”. A brand new work in progress piece never before performed: part of the narrative of this performance is my research into the history of the Aberystwyth to Carmarthen railway line, during my research I discovered the station of Pont Llanio and the milk factory that was next to it. The milk urn I use in the performance is a symbolic object of nostalgia re-igniting dreams, of a return of what was once there, as well opening up, all sorts of other associations to do with milk and the industry. I will be researching more into this in the following weeks/months.

In this performance, my intention was to use an object to portray a sense of physical movement, political movement and linear movement. My performance began with me drinking from a vintage glass milk bottle full of milk.

While exploring the possibilities of the milk urn in my studio, I discovered that when I spoke or sang into it, it created a lovely reverberating sound. I decided to use this in the performance. I spoke into the urn, imitating a well known railway announcement, “Mind the gap,” creating a chuckle in the audience and an involuntary chuckle in myself. I continued the performance by spinning the urn and picking it up and placing it down forcefully on the ground so that I created a loud noise. I then sang into the urn a song, inspired by the campaign, to bring back the railway line and my own desire to be able to travel by rail to see my mother in South Wales and still be home for tea.

On later reflection, the performance had an element of a dream like quality “railway dreaming” and could symbolise the space in your imagination you occupy as a passenger.

Drawing on my Capoeira training and especially maculele ( people rhythmically striking the sticks together, that looks like “mock stick combat) I moved around the urn hitting the sticks and sides of the urn creating a series of different “dongs”. I also incorporated kicks and spins as I created sound. My intention was to create a loud noise, and when the urn was moved, banged on the concrete, it created a force to be reckoned with, symbolising a call for action, a mobilising of the troops, a wake-up call to bring this railway line back.

I received some encouraging feedback from members of the audience, “I really enjoyed it,” “very powerful and beautiful”, “That was F*** amazing!”, and “I interpreted it as the voice filling the void, where the railway once was.”

I felt encouraged and supported by this feed back, and looking forward to developing this work further and performing it as part of the “Singing the line into existence” showing in October 2015.

Hope you enjoy this Scratch performance you can see it here!



 My Spring/ summer newsletter – sowing the seed of your imagination. Here

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