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Since I fell over a month ago I have had little energy to make much pottery or do house work for that matter.  Instead I stated drawing again, proper! not just doodles and rough sketches in my note books (of which I have loads of)

I bought my self some nice pencils and a lovely A4 sketch book… and oh my, I am loving it! It was like a old friend I have not seen in 5 years. How time fly ‘s hey! I have been drawing  a series of arteries, framed  like a train window.

Since my  research for singing the line into existence lea me to the  the Beeching cuts.  Back in 2013 I watched a  British transport film from 1965 describing the cuts to the railway lines, like cuts to human arteries.

I have also been cutting trains out of books ( a train sellers worst night mare)  and making surrealist collages, homage to the queen of this medium miss Mitten. I want to make  trains look like organs with arteries connected and disconnected

I have  had these ideas tucked away in a sketch book until now, It feels good to put pencil t paper and scalpel to train book and actually do it,  I did it for me,I  did it to sing the line into existence and the campaign to reopen the Aberystwyth to Carmarthen rail way line.

They also look like roots… returning again to make art about the natural world  and connecting with my reverence with nature. Hope I find the time  to do more.

arteries, roots

arteries, roots