Exhibition – Pretty Common Things


IMG_9234Pretty Common Things –  Pretty common thing was my first solo exhibition inspired by the hedgerows being cut before they had chance to set seed. I had a great response from Friends family and the general public.  We collected over a hundred signatures on our petition and presented it to Ceredgion County council. An ecologist is now in charge of this issue and hope is in the air that this habitat and beauty will be protected.

Press release

Welsh artist Joanna Bond will open an exhibition of her new body of work on January 14 2011 in The Studio Gallery, Aberystwyth.
Joanna has created hand built ceramic ware which will be decorated with 14 pen and ink images which she has drawn and collaged from direct studies of wild flowers, birds and maps of nearby hedgerows. The exhibition will be entitled “pretty common things.” The inspiration for her current run of work came from her distress at the environmental devastation caused when a cutter machine began destroying hedgerows near to her home in Gilfachreda in July 2010.
Collaborating on “pretty common things” with Joanna will be American surrealist artist, Mary Jacobs, and the band “Barefoot dancers of the sea”, who visitors can expect to see play live at the opening. “I am writing a song with Becky Wood from Barefoot dancers of the sea about a bird being displaced from its tree.” said Joanna.
Joanna says: “It has been an exciting opportunity to develop my style and create art on pots.”She was a potter’s assistant in Ireland for one and a half years and has been working for seven years teaching adults with learning disabilities how to use the therapeutic medium of clay.
The opening will begin at 7p.m. on January 14; guests will be invited to participate in the instillation with thought provoking activities. The artists hope to involve both political and ecological ideas connecting the cutting of hedgerows with the cuts in public and private sectors. Joanna said: “The exhibition is not only an artistic creation; it will be a political exhibition to publicize and raise awareness of the loss and destruction of this ancient habitat and all the diverse flora and fauna that it supports.”

Curator Ruth Hogg – “I have had the happy occasion to work with Joanna Bond  curating her solo exhibition which she presented at ::the studio:: gallery, Aberystwyth. I found her to be professional and open, with a clear idea of what she wanted to express conceptually, however willing to be flexible in considering specifics of expression. She not only presented a beautiful exhibition of ceramics and mixed media 2d pieces comprising collage and pen and ink studies of nature, which were reproduced on the ceramics, but she brought saplings of native trees into the space, and during the opening evening, she encouraged visitors to write some thoughts, memories or words onto the labels attached to the saplings. This extra dimension turned a 3d exhibition into a time based piece of work. The trees grew, people took them home to plant them, and other trees had more labels attached to them with more anonymous thoughts”.