What is to be human?

Took me a bit longer to get home from the morning school yesterday !

Red ribbon


With only a ten days until the performance of Inseparability of human and nature the work is starting to take shape.

On a beautiful autumn morning  I stopped on the windy country roads  (never done that before)  and played, photographed and filmed a red ribbon; that has been my dance partner over last few weeks, out of the studio and into nature.

This ribbon has come to symbolise what it is to be human to me. To me it represents this invisible energy connection that we have with nature and with each other. The red ribbon is a prop, to make visible the feelings that we pick up in are bodies, when in nature or consuming herbs, It is the connections we have with each other – transmiting information through electrical and chemical signals.

I know I may sound a bit of a hippy but nature was definitely smiling at me when I adorned her with the red ribbon.

Red ribbon

Red ribbon


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