Be well / Llawn bywyd

Programs for physical and spiral rejuvenation and joy

Sound b

Sound relaxation therapy using a variety of specialist instruments designed to induce high states of relaxation – including

A large Gong – Singing Bowls, Shruti Box and more. The session can accommodate large or small groups and usually lasts for about 1 hour.

Participants in this session usually sit or lie down and close their eyes while soothing sounds are played to encourage a state of deep

relaxation. Great for children and adults. Costs – £40

Yoga Class – With instruction from a qualified teacher of many styles of yoga, with a background in zen – we will provide a well rounded yoga class designed to accommodate people at all levels, from beginners to more advanced practitioners. The class will also benefit from some instruction on specialist breathing techniques designed to greatly enhance health and circulation. Great for both children and adults.

The classes usually last around 1 hour and can accommodate both large and small groups. Costs – £45

Meditation Programme – 8 week course – With instruction from a qualified zen meditation teacher, Stuart  has been trained to lead a group through a well structured and comprehensive course in meditation techniques and practices designed by one of the countries most respected Zen monks. This course is for both beginners and more advanced practitioners and can be tailored to suit both children and adults. Costs £95 per person (discount for group bookings)

Yoga, Meditation and Sound Extravaganza – This is a special programme containing elements of all of the above programmes, it begins with a yoga class designed to energise and awaken leading into an introduction to meditation techniques and practices followed by a sound relaxation session played from live specialist instruments. Afterwards we can all drink health promoting super-smoothies and have a wind-down talking about our experience. This session is great for groups, children and adults, the session usually lasts up to 2 hours and could give a great introduction on the many different techniques available that can help promote health and well-being.  Costs £75

About the course facilitators –

Stuart Hampton – Stuart lived trained and worked for four and a half years in one of the countries leading retreat centres as a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and sound healing therapist. With a strong background in Zen Stuart is able to provide guidance on many different areas of meditation and yoga technique and practice. Sound therapy is a big part of Stuarts main skill, with a long history in sound performance, Stuart is able to facilitate deep relaxation by creating an amazing landscape of soothing sounds using a variety of instruments from Nepal, China and India.

Joanna Bond supporting tutor – Joanna is a health and fitness enthusiast  with a well developed knowledge of many health promoting techniques including specialist breathing techniques, nutrition therapy and detox and cleansing. Joanna can inspire you to follow a healthy lifestyle as she practices many of the techniques daily.

Discounts available for Multi-week bookings, regulars, charities – please ask.